Minutes Nov 2016

Community Council Minutes (Draft)

November 9, 2016, 3:00 PM

  1. Welcome/attendance

Attendees:Faculty Members:Daniel McKeehan

Tral Johnson

Chris Homer

Jody Rich

Mike Carter (non-member)

Nate Johnson (non-member)

David Vick (non-member)

Parent Member:Arthur LeBaron

Valerie Scott

Elaine Hicken

Teresa Dunlop

Kevan Adams

  1. Presentation by Physical Science Dept.

Mike Carter, David Vick, and Nathan Johnson are teachers from the Physical Science Dept. The classes they cover are Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and some Math sections.


A list of equipment items was presented that would help increase teaching efficiency and student learning in Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering. Some of the items discussed are as follows: Sensor Probes, Field Trips to Dixie State, Classroom Calculators, Force Plates, Materials Tester, Pinewood Derby Track, 3D Printer, Workbenches, Laser Cutter, Centripital Force Kits, etc.


The teachers were instructed to write up a proposal that included a prioritized list of items, including costs for the Council to consider. The proposal is to be sent to Chris Homer and then dispersed to the Community Council Members via email so that they can be considered in the next meeting, which will be Jan. 18, 2017.

  1. Community Council Member Training

This item was postponed to a future meeting.

  1. Adopt Rules of Order & Procedure

  2. Review Open Meeting Law

  3. Minutes

  1. Constitutional Amendment B passed

  1. Next Meeting Date: January 18, 2017