Minutes Oct 2016


Community Council Meeting Minutes – 10/5/2016

3:00 PM        Welcome – Chairman Arthur LeBaron.

Those in attendance: Arthur Lebaron, Chris Homer, Daniel McKeehan, Tral Johnson, Elaine Hicken, Kevan Adams, Nancy Hallawell, and Valarie Scott.

3:00 PM        Arthur LeBaron

·         Items of business

o   Upcoming Training – See handout

Arthur Discussed how good the training is and asked for commitments to attend the training.

3:10 PM        Jody Rich – Chris Homer

·         Items of Business

o   HHS Test Scores

Chris Homer went through last year’s test scores to determine where the greatest academic needs are at.  SAGE test scores were discussed first – Most of these scores are very good at HHS – most ranking 1st or 2nd in the district.  It was determined that Chemistry and Physics were the area of greatest academic need.  We will have the physical science teachers at HHS come to our next meeting and do a presentation before the SCC to ask for financial help.  Other test scores were also discussed from our CTE department as well.   

3:30 PM        Chris Homer

·         SCC & STL Review:

o   SCC Membership

o   Training Video – Skipped due to lack of time.

o   Timeline

o   Appropriate Expenditures

3:00 PM                Next Meeting Scheduled for – 11/9/16