Minutes Oct 2015

Community Council Meeting Minutes – 10/26/2015

2:00 PM                Welcome – Chairman Arthur Lebaron

Attendees – Arthur Lebaron, Chris Homer, Dan Mckeehan, Tral Johnson, Elaine Hicken, Rich Hill, CaroLee Arscot, Kevan Adams, Nancy Hallawell, Valarie Scott, and Sean Carey.

2:00 PM                Arthur Lebaron

$1§  Items of business

$1§  New Members Sean Carey, Jamie Stevens, & Valerie Scott

New members introduce themselves.

$1§  Community Council Training - WCSD offices on Wednesday October 28 at 6:00 PM.

Arthur encourages all SCC members to attend training meeting. 

2:10 PM                Jody Rich

$1§  Items of Business

$1§  SAGE Testing 2014-2015

Discussion on SAGE Test scores – Hurricane High School has a dramatic increase in test scores in part due to STL spending on technology that helps teachers do a better job in the classroom.

2:30 PM                Leslie Taylor

$1§  Credit Recovery Program

Mrs. Taylor explains the HHS Credit Recovery Program and how it helps students recover credit and graduate.  Without this program graduation rates will go down.  This is a quality program please keep funding it through STL $.

2:40 PM                Chris Homer

$1§  Trust Lands Web Site – HHS Website

Please refer to SchoolLandTrust.org for any and all questions concerning STL items.

$1§  Final Report 2014-2015

Hand out shows where we will put our STL $ for the current school year

$1§  Digital Citizenship

We will discuss this and be trained on what this means in the future.

$1§  Appropriate and inappropriate spending.

Hand STL sheet out – Here are ideas for what we could spend $ for next year.

$1§  Rules of order and procedure.

Hand out paper that discusses Community Council Order and procedure.

3:00 PM                Next Meeting – November 23, 2015