Minutes March 2015

Community Council Minutes 3/16/2015

• Welcome:

• In attendance:
          o Arthur Lebaron, Elaine Hicken, Carolee Arscot, Chris Homer, Jody Rich, Tral Johnson.

• Arthur Lebaron:
          o Items of business
          o Welcome form our chairman

• Jody:
          o Items of business
          o Welcome form Jody – An expression of appreciation for those in attendance.

• Updated STL Website Login – Chris:
          o There is a new way to gain accesses to the School Land Trust website. It should only affect Chris Homer for now.

• Updated 2014-2015 STL Purchases:
          o We were able to get 4 Chromebook labs VS the 3 we originally thought we were going to be able to get because we got
              regular Chrome books instead of “Rugged” Chromebooks and we got less expensive carts than we originally planned on getting.
          o We believe we have enough money in our technology hardware account to buy one more Chromebook lab.
                     These additional Chromebook labs will allow for every math teacher to have their own lab.
          o We will also be purchasing some projectors for teachers if we have funds available.

• Talk about Next Year’s STL $ allocation:
          o Jody – We need money to pay for additional math sections.
          o Jody – We need to pay for an assistant Drama Coach If possible.
          o Chris - We would like to put more money in our professional development account to help teachers improve in the classroom.
             Or to bring presenters in to the school for professional development.
          o We may need to put some money aside for Chromebook repair and replacement as some of Chromebooks get older.

• Additional items of discussion:
          o Can we get great math students in our newly formed Math Lab Classes to help teach concepts?
          o Career exploration Series – Lecture Series through the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce.

• Next Meeting – April 27th 2015
          o We may need to move this up to make sure we get STL allocation finished before the Deadline.