Minutes Jan 2015

                COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – 1/12/2015

$1.       Welcome/Attendance – Arthur Lebaron, Jody Rich, Chris Homer, Elaine Hicken, Daniel McKeehan, Nancy Hallawell, Kevan Adams, Rich Hill, CarolLee Arscot.

$2.       CSIP – Jody

a.        Jody went onto detail explaining to the what the CSIP is and how we use it in our school

b.      Jody when through the 4 goals of CSIP and how they will affect student learning.


$3.       ALECK Presentation – Ken Cahoon

a.       Ken Cahoon did a presentation on the ALECKS math tutoring program.

b.      Showed a 2 minute video that explained what ALECKS is.

c.       Walked through the ALECKS program on the overhead projector explaining how and why it works and that our math department are encouraged by the results.

$4.        Review last year’s Trust Lands Allocation

a.       We didn’t use all of our Goal 1 SLT money to pay for teacher salaries because we received extra FTE money from the district due to taking on the Water Canyon students.  We want to move that $20,000.00 and combine it with our Goal 3 money (15,000.00) and purchase three Chromebook labs instead on one. 

b.      The Council loved the idea and it was voted on and approved.

c.       Chris Homer with contact the district office to check on the proper steps to transfer the allocation.

$5.        Discuss next year’s Trust Lands Allocation

a.       Arthur - We briefly discussed next year’s allocation – but due to time constraints decided it would be the main topic of our March CC meeting.

$6.       Arthur Lebaron – Closes Meeting

$7.       Next Meeting 3/16/2015