Minutes Oct 2014

                                                           COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – 10/20/2014

1. Welcome/Attendance – Arthur Lebaron, Jody Rich, Chris Homer, Carolee Arscott, Elaine Hicken,
                  Daniel McKeehan, Nancy Hallawell, Kevan Adams, Tral Johnson, Rich Hill.

2. Chris – Review Times and dates of upcoming SCC Trainings.

3. Chris – Review SCC Membership Form.

4. Chris – Review SCC Forms and Information:
               a. 2014 Changes for Councils
               b. Appropriate Expenditures
               c. What must your school do to receive Trust Lands money
               d. Timeline for Community Councils

5. Chris – Review Videos SCC Members will watch on their own time.
               a. Touch the Future
               b. Earning for Education

6. Chris – SCC Power Point Training

7. Jody – Goes over the SAGE Data we received with SCC Members. Members discuss schools
              strengths and weaknesses, and where Trust Lands money can be best used to improve SAGE Scores.

8. Jody – Discusses the best ways to use next years Trust Lands Money. Arthur asks if Chris would ask teachers
              where they need money the most and bring info to next SCC Meeting.

9. Next SCC Meeting – 12/15/2014