Students Seating Section Football

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Parents and Students,

Over the past several years we have had our student section moved to the north end of the seating section. Every year we have had the student body, our Exec Council, and the cheerleaders approach the administration and ask if they can have their place back in the middle of the stands. We have looked to see how other schools in this district and districts throughout the state seat their student body and have found that many of them put their students in the middle of the stands. 

Beginning this school year, with the first game on Friday night, our decision is to move the students back to the middle of the stands. We appreciate our students using their voices and being persistent with their request. We ask that our fans support this decision and our students.   

I have attached a copy of the high school football stadium for you to reference pertaining to football game seating. It shows the outlined student section in yellow. It will be taped off at the beginning of the game so students will know where they are to sit.

In the past we have had complaints from fans that the students stand up during the game. Be aware that we, as administration, acknowledge this and ask that our adult fans support our students as they cheer for their team and friends. It may be necessary for fans to sit in an area that will not block their view of the game. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of Hurricane High School!

Darin Thomas, Principal