Dear Parents: Oct. 28 2014

The HHS Theater Dept., in its quest to take no breaks from activity for the next 4000

years, is producing a Hallowe’en “spook alley”/Haunted Theater Tour this Thursday

and Friday, and your child has volunteered to help out as a performer or technician.

Call for the company is at 6:00 each night (in the HHS Little Theater); students will

be supervised by at least 2 adults, and will be busy until just after 9pm running and

cleaning up after the tour.

All students in my classes will receive extra credit for their work, and those planning

to go to New York/Broadway in the spring will have some of the money we make set

aside for their trip. The amount for each NYC “tripper” will be determined by how

much we make, and will be added to other dept. funds they earn during this school

year. Earnings will be turned over as reimbursements after final payments for the NY

trip have been made. Parents and kids can check on the amount they’ve earned at any

time by contacting me.

Team members should all be at least 5 mins. early for roll, so that we can organize,

place personnel and do technical prep.

Note that NO physical contact will be permitted between audience and participants

during the tour. Your child is expected to be professional and courteous (and scary)

when connecting with our audience. Each participant gets a free pass - to share, we

hope, with a family member. The person using the pass should mention the name of

her/his child or friend in the Haunted Theater company at the admission table in the

auditorium lobby. Tours begin at 6:45 each night and end at 9.

If you have questions, call or e-mail me!


Richard Hill

HHS Drama/Debate

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (435) 817-2123 (cell)

THE TOUR: 1) “The House”: audience is led through the auditorium seating area,

where clowns, banshees and the undead have been known to lurk, and where patrons

have been bedeviled by grisly apparitions and offal dropped on them from the catwalk

overhead. Unexplained, disturbing light and sound effects have been reported here.

2) “The Stage”: unsavory characters and dismembered body parts appear

from above (the fly system and catwalk) and from behind and within “The Fearsome

Forest,” stairways and “The Scary Scaffold.” “The Stage Fright Room” (offstage right)

will terrify, then dispense into “The Haunted Hallway,” unwitting visitors.

3) “The Tunnel”: Down the stairs you go, then past “The Elevator Torture

Room” and along “The Hallway of Horror,” plagued by psychopathic presences, into


4) “The Orchestra Pit and North By Northwest Hallway to Hell”: where

zombies, dolls, foul furniture and ghostly trees lurk and plant their insidious imagery

into your minds forever - before spitting you out into the north HHS parking lot...mwa

ha ha....